Sinful Colors Nail Polish

My sister is really spoiling my daughters and I! It had been a while since I really painted my nails. I did them occasionally with my daughters using the kid colors and sets. But I really didn’t buy nail polish with me in mind. It was always colors appropriate for a young girl.

Then I received a free sample on Sinful colors through Pinchme. I loved it and shared it with my sister. Now I still have that bottle in my collection but I have some more additions!  My sisters latest purchase for my daughters and I are the dark green and soft pink. We have some more colors too but these were the ones we all used when getting dressed to go to the Blue Plum festival.

I’m so glad I got to try this polish for free! I really love it and the quality is great. None of my nails chipped and it was a busy day outdoors and at the festival.



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