Simon Swipe Review

This is my favorite game I received free in my party pack from house party for the Hasbro Game Night SIMON SWIPE Challenge!

The first time it was brought out at our picnic at the park it was hard to see the lights in order to play. Even though the party group was under a cover it didn’t help to play. Once it was used indoors this game was phenomenal. It has a new spin on the old Simon game to have to know the colors in order but also how to swipe the pattern back on repeat.

It definitely brought out some competitive streaks in the guests!

I think its a wonderful “break the ice” party game to use when waiting on guests to arrive. Its also a wonderful game to have in an entertainment closet to keep kids busy if adults are trying to enjoy an afternoon chat. I loved it and I know my family and friends will be using it a lot in the future on rainy days and party days!



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