Should personal care end when you have a spouse?

I received a free sample of nail polish yesterday from Pinchme. While I was doing my nails I was talking to someone and offered them to use it too. We have shared countless bottles of nailpolish growing up. What surprised me was her saying she hadn’t painted her nails in years. It had been years since I last seen her.

She said she doesn’t need to do such things anymore since she landed a guy, ¬†While that is her own choice to do as she does or doesn’t do. It just surprised me! She was definitely the girlie girl growing up.

I’m not entirely sure getting all dolled up is just a means to get a mate. For me, its just fun to do the girlie things. It makes me feel better. What is more relaxing than a hot bubble bath? Its nice to have a few minutes to sit down and paint some nails. It feels great to color my hair. I’d do these things with or without a mate.

I admit on some things I have got a little lax on since marriage. But overall, I strive to maintain the basics that I did before marriage.

Should personal care end when you have a spouse?



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