Should kids watch politics and news broadcasts?

I knew about the upcoming Presidential Address that would be on tonight courtesy of a few posts I read on Bubblews.  The Fox network did show it between two episodes of Hells Kitchen I also watched. The girls were more than eager to sit and color my little pony pages with their dad and I while we watched President Obama speak.

Abigail is two so most of what is on tv seems to go in one ear and out the other. Olivia though, she was minorly interested in it but then again everything shadows her dad when her dad is present, It all had me think about the times I’d watch different government related broadcasts with my mom and grandmother. I remember the one between Gore and Bush for election night. My mom and many others I knew said if Bush ever got elected we would all move to Canada.

Well, I never moved up there nor have I ever visited any country besides the USA. I still think its important for people to pay attention to politics and issues that hold strong feelings for them. Because if we are not active in what goes on, then we are not making a better world for our children to grow up in. Its also important to teach them to be responsible adults as they will be making choices for the government and politics when we are “retired” seniors.



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One thought on “Should kids watch politics and news broadcasts?

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    May 17, 2018 at 12:01pm

    Update: I am totally aware of the fact I try to avoid the news and anything political since #45 was elected. There are way to many issues that I am not willing to discuss or explain with my children concerning extra marital affairs, sexual assaults, etc!