Shopping made easy! Birthday planning!

The local grocery store has these car shopping carts. I really love them and its awesome they seem to be available so wide range since the girls enjoyed similar versions when we lived up in Ohio. It really made our like three hour shopping trip a breeze since this was our second stop today.

I shopped a lot of sales to get the best deals for my family. I was also on the look out for a birthday cake for my youngest daughter Abigail. She is turning two years old the first week of august. She is NOT helping on picking out her birthday theme as when I ask her what kind of party she wants, she just says her name.

We are looking to do a little get together / BBQ at the park. I checked the prices and possible themes at a few places but I will for sure do some research online for customer feedbacks. I really don’t want to order a cake and go pick it up only to end up with a giant mess completely different from what I had ordered like I did for her first birthday cake I ordered at walmart last year.


The cake is not what I ordered



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