Shes six!

15941835_1335335823171964_948673938_nMy oldest daughter Olivia is now six years old!!! Like how in the world did that happen?

She’s my baby girl and she’s really wanting to not be a baby anymore. 🙁

I really love the sweet, compassionate little lady she is turning out to be. It seems like every day there is a little reminder that she’s growing into a more independent girl with her own sense of style and being.

Just this day she was in her own room getting dolled up. She did her own hair and put it in a ponytail better than I can manage. She added bows and put on her jewelry and a New dress. With her purse on her elbow and boots on her feet she really was ready for a stroll down town.

For the birthday theme this year it was all about “Monster High”. All gifts were monster high related! She and Abby got a few dolls plus some kits! One was a dance studio thing and the other a circus thing. She loved it all!


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