She’s just about ready for kindergarten!

Oh my! I really am having a hard time with the idea my oldest daughter is going to be attending kindergarten when the new school year begins. I’m feeling like an emotional roller coaster just thinking about it. I know a part of it is my pregnancy hormones getting the best of me. Its just really hard to imagine Livy going to school all by herself or that she’s going to be riding a school bus all by herself.  🙁

I know logically this is the best thing for her. She’s really so eager and ready to learn, go to school, and do things with her peers. Shes a bright independent girl that is more than capable of taking on this kind of responsibility. Its just shes still my baby girl. I love and admire her so much. I just don’t trust the world in general with how awful some teachers, students, and people have been in regards to other people. The horror stories in the news are enough to make me dread this day.

We still need to do the orientation to meet with the teachers and staff. That won’t happen until next month when the school officially reopens.  We’ve gone ahead and got her school clothes settled and done. With a new baby set to arrive in the world  shortly before the first day of school… I really just want to have as much done as can be possible. So unless they have gym clothes requirements she’s all done on that aspect.

We will need to get school supplies. Being the bargain shopper that I am, I plan to just pick up some things as they start the school sales. If she doesn’t need it for school, its not like we won’t use it at home for crafts and projects!  It would be nice to have found a list online so I could get the stuff now too… But its okay. We will just get it after orientation!

Abigail and I are so going to miss her during the day. Livy is such a bright chatterbox and is just so thoughtful and caring. It will help Abby some though I think. It will give me a little more one on one time with Abigail to work with her words when reading to baby Lilah and other things.


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