Shamrock Magic Wands

If you had a Shamrock Magic Wand that could summon a magic leprechaun to your side, would you use it? Would you ask for a pot of gold? What would you do with the gold?

How to make a Shamrock Magic wand!  I made 2 for under a dollar total 🙂

Materials needed

* Wooden Rod  Around 27 cents walmart craft department

* 1 sheet of green felt – 25 cents walmart

* cereal box to make shamrock pattern

* Spare yarn around the house

* sewing thread and needle

* scissors

Lionpaw’s Directions

I started off with making a shamrock cardboard pattern.

Then I folded the felt in half and used the shamrock as a pattern to sew two pieces together.

I didn’t sew the bottom closed so I could put the rod up inside the shamrock.

I then sewed the bottom shamrock part around the rod.

I used yarn to tie a knot on the shamrock stem then wrapped it down around the rod. I held the yarn and Olivia twirled the rod so she could help make it too.

Then I used some extra yarn pieces to make little streamers.


The girls have been enjoying their wands. So far no leprechauns have showed up to share some gold… but the night isn’t over yet!

The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns


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