Sewing Machine Day

21170792_1570324673006410_1192247916_oSeptember 10 is  Sewing Machine Day

I have wanted a sewing machine for a long time! I really wanted to learn how to sew too. But on my own it seemed like a daunting task! Where to start? How do you do it? I vaguely recall my mom sitting at her machine, cursing like crazy when the thread jammed. She made holiday curtains to barbie clothes.  God knows what happened to her machine.

New machines at the store can run 80 to one hundred dollars or more. It seemed like too much money to spend on a hobby I didn’t know about!

Then one day I took a free local class at a women’s missionary place. They also had free machines to use when there. It was amazing! I loved going (and still do).  Then one day I was majorly blessed when even they gave me my own machine too to use at home. 🙂

Since then I’ve had to look it up to replace a broken needle. In my search on proper maintenance I joined a few awesome vintage sewing groups. It amazes me at how are often people buy them at yard sales and thrift stores for very cheap prices! How easy it is for those with experience with it to get them running. I think its very awesome how the good old machines can work decades after they were made!

Ideas for celebrating today:

1. Consider a sewing class! Some churches offer free classes or meet up groups for people to sew or quilt. Hobby stores have classes (a little pricey but not a bad idea if you have no other options).

2. Use your sewing machine if you have one! Maybe check out the local yard sales/ thrift stores to get lucky!  Who knows, maybe even treat yourself to a new one at the store! One trick I’ve read a lot lately, is if you can turn the knob and the needle moves as its suppose to, then the machine should be in general working order. Plus, most shops will let you plug in the machine to make sure it works!

3. Clean up and maintain your sewing machine!


I really love the gorgeous green view from my sewing desk area! Its very relaxing to sit and do my craft. PS I made the rainbow valance in the top picture on that sewing machine. 🙂

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