set positive examples for kids

10247368_737437349622987_3623009279451804610_n1978647_736735563026499_5454599513080674141_nThis morning the girls really didn’t get a chance for tv time until this evening. They really didn’t want to go inside so it was my bribery to get them inside quickly. I just did not want them to hear such foul language the neighbors were spewing out in the road while she gathered baby daddy’s and people over their kids spat.

Livy came in and covered her carebear up and then her legs. Abigail grabbed a drink then snuggled up next to her sister with her own carebear.  I started a my little pony episode and she was asleep before it finished. Abigail snuggled up with me and then she passed out. Right on time for their bedtime!

I really wish the world in general had more care and concern for each other. I admit, I will protect my daughters at any cost. But I just think adults should set positive examples for their kids to see. I can’t wait to move to the country with a better atmosphere to raise happy, loving, healthy kids!



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