Seeds 70% off!!!

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAI found a really great deal when shopping at Dollar General today! I had already made my purchase when I happened to see a huge collection of seeds for 70% off!

The ones I selected go for a regular price of around 25 cents a packet. I grabbed four for the dollar / discounted to be 30 cents total. ¬†For the flowers I did two Morning Glory which are one of my favorite flowers! One packet is pearly gates / white and the other is clarke’s heavenly blue which are as the name implies blue!

For pumpkins one packet is the small sugar variety which take about 90 days until harvest. The other set are jack o’lantern variety pumpkins and it says they will take around 100 or so days to harvest. So I may or may not get some in time for Halloween. Here is to hoping!



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