Santa and Snowmen cards!

Its kind of funny that my girls were playing with some cards today.  It started off with Abigail grabbing one of the packs for our hand and foot deck.  So I take that off her and put it back up.  I was cleaning up after lunch and washing the dishes in the kitchen. I heard Livy talking about cards and she snagged the santa deck my husband picked up for me.  So they started playing with that today.

I really can not wait until my girls can play rummy and other card games!

Speaking of cards, my 12 decks of snowmen cards came in today!  I ordered them for 7 dollars and free shipping**.  They are super cute and boy did I get a bargain on them. The same exact cards/decks were selling individually at the mall for 1.99$ a deck. So that would be nearly 24 dollars to buy the 12 I only paid 7 dollars for!  Yay!



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