Round 3: Painting


After playing outside for a bit today the girls and I came inside to enjoy a bit of painting fun. I cut up a sponge to make some large “paint brushes” and Livy used the one foam one I had on hand.

I used most of the brown paint we had. Its a good thing too since some of it was kind of clumpy.

Livy wanted me to paint her box while she and Abby painted Abbys box. Abby loves her box and didn’t want to get out of it so I could flip it around to paint all sides.

It took a little bit over an hour with a few breaks in between to get the first coat on both boxes. Once the girls were done, I put the boxes up on the dinning room table for them to dry.

Then it was time for the girls to nap and hubby and I to enjoy a movie I saved on the dvr.





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