Rock Painting for International Drop a Rock Day 2017!

19657289_1560528800647167_5058350590582280444_n International Drop a Rock Day is today, July 3, 2017!!!

No one can hide a rock somewhere for another to find without painting it first! My oldest two daughters and their friend got to paint some rocks the other day. Its the first official round of decorating rocks to place about our community in order to offer a bit of positive energy and joy!

There is even a facebook group for our town to provide hints to possible locations and to share whatever someone might find! To date we haven’t found any when out running errands. We are looking though!

I had some help from a friend to get us started on this fun adventure. I also did a little online searching and came across this neat website called . On that page you can find some free printable for messages and other tips to make the experience of creating and sharing rocks a pleasant one.


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