Rock painting and waiting to garden!

 Its been some busy days as of late! I did get in some good time painting more kindness rocks this past weekend at a meet up at the park. The weather was great for it even if there were some issues concerning people going/ where it was at, and people hording rocks!  Then a few days later its back to having snow and hail! Seriously, what is going on with mother nature?

My kids and I have a ton of pieces to put out in our fairy garden. Not only that, but an awesome person is starting a garden at a local church to provide food for the homeless and anyone that needs it. I’m excited to help! I am by no means an expert at gardening but I sure can easily plant some stuff, pull the weeds, and help under direction. Who knows, maybe I can even learn more to start a better garden at home. It just seems like a great win all around to be involved!

I’m gonna go back to working on organizing my “Den” aka, craft room! Maybe tomorrow or this weekend I’ll post some pictures of it!


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