Road Trip: Welcome to Kentucky

ky_bubbleOur drive through Ohio was pretty pleasant. I was super excited to be leaving the state!  There really wasn’t much to look at besides some cars.
 I had packed a few different toys and activities for the girls to use or do but it seemed kind of pointless. They never used them! 🙂

Abigail went to sleep super fast. Olivia was up for a while watching the movie Frozen with her dad. She was asleep before it was over though.

I tried really hard not to fall asleep myself! I had hoped to crochet  during the trip but my craft bag got packed in the back with all off our clothes pillows, and odds and ends we brought with us.  We had stopped by the house to pick up our cats and kittens so they were with us too. 

I was super excited to see the Welcome to Kentucky sign! KY was NOT our destination but just a state we had to pass through.



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