REESE’S Spreads VoxBox!

20708_893578447342209_7474231452502071093_nThis was such a wonderful treat and surprise to receive! My husband went out to check the mail with our two daughters and they all came back in with a bright orange influenster box. My girls were just all excited asking if they can open it for me!

I wasn’t sure what it was but grabbed my camera and went over to find out with them. My family was chosen to be in the Influenster REESE’S Spreads VoxBox!

1012380_893578467342207_3148112816681183338_nWe received a free sample Reeses Spreads Peanut Butter Chocolate to try out! It was super delicious! My oldest and husband were the ones to eat most of our sample. It was made into sandwiches, put on crackers, put on pieces of fruit, and eaten right off the spoon (what can I say, she is four!)! It tastes great and was easy for her to spoon out and over things.

This is definitely something I can keep hidden in the pantry for when my husband or oldest daughter has a sweet tooth craving!




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