Really great games!!!

The scores for when we all are playing hand and foot are getting pretty darn close! Its easy to get anywhere from 400 points to 3,000 in one round. The game has four rounds. Lately though the scores have been super close as in every card literally counts and can make a difference.

Last night when my sister and I played on a team against our husbands the score was super close. It was like a 130 point difference going into the last hand. Tonight, the score only had a difference of 30 points. That’s only a few cards!!!

I love a great game where its important to focus on all rounds. I mean there have been some games I played in the distant past where it didn’t matter what my team mate and I did in our third or fourth round, it was pretty clear we would be winning.

I think its more fun to have a real challenge, than it is to just always win. What do you think?


How to play hand and foot card game


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