Read a Book Day

 September 6 is Read a Book Day!

10149833_743709355662453_4279346944535687917_nReading has always been a pleasant hobby of mine.  I’ve said it plenty of times on here that my bedroom growing up was a mini library with wall to wall shelves filled with books.  Its something that I still enjoy doing as an adult. Though lately, I sometimes wonder if I’m reading more on the computer or phone, than I do in actual books or magazines in my hand. I still always much prefer a book in my hands than anything else!

I’m not in the 27% of Americans that didn’t read a book last year (Blakemore*)!

Things to consider doing today with family:

1.  Read a story or two with your children. I’ll never be able to stress how important this is for children of any age growing up!

2. Who taught you how to read? I still remember sitting down as a child with my grandmother when she was teaching me how to read.


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