Rainbow afghan for Rainbow Dash

I started on the fourth kitten afghan today. I had meant to start on one of the blankets I am making for the four kittens going to new homes this week. But then I had an idea to try and make a rainbow shaped afghan for my daughters kitten named Rainbow Dash. I only managed to get four rows done so far. Two yellow and two purple. I love the look of it so far. Its definitely one I am having some fun making completely free hand. I think I have a good mental pattern in my head to do for the rainbow to keep getting bigger but keep its shape. I only hope the final project looks as great in reality as I see it being.

I don’t have a lot of yarn left over down in Tennessee, but I did find some perfect colors to do borders and finish up two of the kitten afghans I started. I also completely finished one of the five afghans!



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