Rain & Snow!

1382914_849695378397183_1055365492891895141_nI had a bit of a surprise from nature yesterday!  My husband was all “hey hun, its snowing outside”. At first, I thought he was teasing me again about all the snow we had last year up north. So I had to look outside to see and it was in fact snowing pretty heavily. He and I had to show the girls. After all the snow angels and things we did last year, they love the white powder.

Livy and Abby were super excited and happy to go outside to dance and play in it. There wasn’t a ton of the snow by the time we got dressed for the weather. None of it actually stuck on the ground either. It was mostly only apparent in the white flakes that dusted the girls coats!

Olivia and Abigail were not at all happy when the snow turned into rain. I told them Rainbow-dash had to go bring snow to other kids to play with too. They did not want to share their snow. they said the kids could come play over here instead!

It was our puppy’s first snow too.



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