Rain or shine we will hide rocks!!!

loveanddream My girls and I had a lot of fun finally having rocks ready to go to be shared with others. It took us a while to do all the different coats of sealant on them!  On a few of the rocks the piece of paper I wrote the city name and our tag name on got blurry so it wasn’t sealed to well. 🙁 Overall, the majority of them came out great!

We made all sorts of different ones. A few we made into “good luck” ones and we glued on some good luck pennies. Others we just wrote cute messages on them to offer some hope and happiness. One of my favorites was the winged angel/fairy with the word “Believe” on the side.  I know not the greatest… but hey, its a start! I kept a few of the rocks my daughters did because I loved them too much to part with them.

The day started out pretty good with a trip to the specialist for Delilah. We hide 3 rocks then. Later we dropped a couple in the rain on a walk downtown. Then we hide a ton near a gym. So far a few rocks have already been found and the girls were delighted to know, they did in fact make a few people smile.
20464522_1587133977986649_1490436279_n alien alien2 believe goodluck goodluck2 happyface Haveahappyday Haveahappyday2 havealuckyday hearts Mawihook rainbowday smile


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