Pumpkin Pong

This was such a neat little game to see played at the local Halloween Fair my family went to the other night. Its called “Pumpkin Pong” and is a variation of the popular college age beer pong game.

Except instead of cups the game vendors had set up some of those plastic colorful pumpkin candy bins. The kids got to toss ping-pong balls to try and get them to land in the pumpkins. If they did manage to make any, depending on the
amount equaled how much of a prize they would win.

It was a lot of fun and something I really wouldn’t mind setting up to do at home! I am sure I can find most of the supplies to do it super cheap after Halloween and if not, I’m sure it could be set up for under 10 bucks! Its a great game that definitely had kids going back to play it again! It even got my youngest involved in playing games!



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