Princess Poppy needs to visit the White House!

Princess Poppy needs to visit the White House!

I’m so sorry, but not really sorry if this offends anyone. With all the boycott NFL or why can’t they kneel posts that are literally flooding my facebook feed… I gotta say something.
I wish Princess Poppy would go to the White House and fix my country’s troubles. I really can’t help but think about the scene in the movie where Princess Poppy and Branch are standing next to each other and talking to an individual about directions. That person could tell them the safe way so they can avoid death if only Branch would offer a high five…

Princess Poppy: “Branch! It’s just a high-five! The others lead to certain death! Get some perspective!” *

That is exactly what we really need, some good perspective!!!

Do I agree that people are not treated equally in America? Yes. Women don’t earn the same amount of money as men do for the same exact jobs. Though its illegal to do, it still happens. Gender, physical color (I won’t say Race; because to me, our race is human), sexual orientation etc still plays a part in the decision making process for some things. Its not all the time, but it still does happen. 🙁

Certain people do have extra privileges. Lets look at the convicted Rapist Brock Turner who only got a 3 month sentence for raping a woman. We can also look at many other sports stars who are more important on the field that the off the field behaviors doesn’t matter. The rich can play by their own rules and #45 openly bragged about sexually assaulting women.

So I kinda find it hard for me to understand how some sports stars can lead in protesting unequal privileges when many sports athletes have coasted through life cause they can throw or bounce a ball. I still can’t forget when it came to public attention that many of the prized athletes at my college had no idea how to read yet they passed high school with straight A’s / B’s… Needless-to-say, the school did some things to try and fix that issue!

So its hard for me to understand what a millionaire athlete doesn’t have compared to the common person. What is it? Do I really need to know or understand the reason they protest, for them to protest? No! No I don’t. If everyone had to know / understand the issue before a protest began, then there likely wouldn’t be a need for one. After all, a protest is generally a means in order to raise awareness and try to make positive changes concerning something.

Rosa Parks peacefully protested sitting on a bus in a location that people with black colored skin were not suppose to. She didn’t hurt anyone! She didn’t get on the bus screaming profanities about “white crackers” or other racial slurs while waving a loaded gun. Rosa Parks was peaceful in her protest and in that quiet moment, her body said so much more than what words could have done. It had a great positive impact.

I don’t think she would have had the powerful, life changing impact that she did, had she done so while screaming racial slurs, using violence, and spreading hate and fear. Hate only spreads more hate.

Another thing to consider is does it really require something to personally affect someone for it to be a cause of concern? Do sports stars need to feel unequal for it to be a reason to protest? I dont think so. We shouldn’t have to go hungry for it to matter that everyone deserves to eat. We should all care that everyone else has the same basic rights and protections.

Peaceful protests can change the wrong things in our part of the world and afar.

There is a lot wrong in our world and our country.

Does our world really depend upon if an NFL player sits, stands, or kneels on the field?

This is America!!! People should feel free to do as they please. Its a form of peaceful protest. Its much better than the players doing the black power salute every time they sacked a “white” player.

Standing or kneeling doesn’t hurt anyone. There are no guns involved. No one is raiding and looting peoples houses. Its also an American privilege to be able to peacefully protest and not be forced to perform certain tasks for fear of death in not doing so (unlike other countries where people are murdered for simple things we take for granted like music choice, clothing choice, etc).

Our amazing soldiers currently serving now and all those in the past (like my dad), have sacrificed much in order to give us this freedom to protest. To not protest important social concerns would be, in my opinion, a strong form of disrespect to those that have or had served us.  If the current President (who dodged the draft) doesn’t have to pay tribute or honor the country by holding his hand over his heart like children learn to do while in kindergarten; then what does it matter to #45 if a football player stands, kneels, or does handstands across the field?

The President of the United States of America should be responsible to know that individual american citizens have the right to protest peacefully. I’m not so sure if the current president #45 can understand that concept; however, I’m pretty sure he is aware of how he can use this issue as a general distraction from the current investigation concerning Russia among other things.

Whatever the case may be, you can call me crazy but when….

  1. another country is claiming to have missiles they want to launch at my country to start a war…
  2. Two states are making repairs from devastating hurricanes
  3. American territories (like Puerto Rico since some Americans still don’t know this place is a part of the US and its citizens are US Citizens) is completely devastated and likely wont even have power for 6+ months.
  4. people are going without food, water, and dying of heat stroke or from lack of medicine (no power for 9+ days will kill people who need devices that run on electricity to keep them alive)
  5. How many fires are raging across different states?
  6. Lets not forget the very recent tragic mass killing spree that took place in Las Vegas
  7. our neighbor country has been hit with devastating earthquakes (and they helped us in our time of need)
  8. The list could continue, but really, isn’t it already obvious that there is plenty to be concerned with taking place in America?

…. I don’t think I’d have time to be watching football or posting to twitter!I’m also pretty sure if Princess Poppy was faced with the current American issues she would go out and do something to save her people and take care of her people. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t be watching football.

I’m sure if Princess Poppy was to post to twitter, it would be with positive messages to rally support and aid, to urge American Citizen to help fellow American Citizens.  I’m confident Princess Poppy or President Poppy wouldn’t use twitter to block people (and possibly violate their constitutional rights**) while also attempting to gather all information on citizens that liked posts on facebook that were of an anti-trump nature *** (also another possible violation of constitutional rights).

I’m also pretty sure Princess Poppy would treat everyone else the same regardless of the color of their skin. I didn’t pick up on any pink supremacy going on in the cartoon! All trolls mattered to her, so I think it would be safe to say, all people would matter too.

Why can’t we have Princess Poppy in the White House?


*   Trolls Movie, directed by Walt Dohrn and Mike Mitchell





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