Positive Thinking Day

smileSeptember 13th is Positive Thinking Day!

I think people can help in making their own day. I mean that when someone wakes up and goes about their day with a bad attitude in their own head, that is all they will see. If a person has a happy/ positive thought pattern then they are more apt to see the good in the world around them. People will project their own thoughts on others and use themselves as a measuring guide when dealing with others.

So the best way to have a happy day is to have positive thinking guide the day. So today is a wonderful day to start a happy, healthy, positive life if one is not already enjoying one!

How? Consider doing a few of these activities by yourself or with family.

1. Read the book The Little Engine That Could by Watty Piper.

2. Write out a list of good things you hope to do today, next week, or even over the month! I come up with three good things every day to help plan my day.

3. Talk to your kids about what good/fun things they want to do that day. Then work on completing that list!

4.  Before bed or at dinner enjoy a conversation about the positive things that happened that day.



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