Pony Fort

Sometimes its just NOT easy getting toys picked up with a three year old and a one year old so close to her terrible twos if shes not already in them. I have been trying to get them to pick up their My Little Ponies for two days now. Even if I just start trying to pick them up I get all sorts of fussyness and they want to start playing with them.  My oldest is now doing really well to sit and play quietly by herself with them so I don’t want to discourage her from doing that.

But I wanted to get them all picked up so I could sweep and clean the floors. My compromise? I had them clean up one spot so I could build a big fort. Then I had them move all their toys into the fort so I could clean the rest of the room. It worked!

Now the toys are confined to a queen size blanket space and I could tidy up our house. We have been playing ponies off and on all day so its been pretty nice day.

PS! That’s one of the bags I got during my last house party. I had one to give out to each guest that attended. 🙂



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