Polar Bear Day

February 27th  is Polar Bear Day!

Sometimes I wonder if polar bears will only be remembered on soda cans and not in their natural artic wildlife habitat. 🙁  They are such a neat creature that is deserving of respect for life. All creatures do.

So today is an international day just for Polar Bears!

If you think you and your family can’t celebrate today, your wrong! There is a lot you can do:

1. Going to the zoo seems like a great idea. I’d take my girls if a zoo were in walking distance or even this town.  But alas there isn’t one helping injured animals, etc in my little city. Are there any zoos near you?

2. So if my girls are to see a polar bear today it will be a documentary on netflex or regular cable tv.

3.  Color and./or drawl your own polar bear pages. There are a ton of cute ones available free online.

Livy’s polar bear!

4. Join Polar Bears international Thermostat Challenge! Lower or raise your thermostat by 2 degrees to help cut back on carbon emissions. It might seem so little, but it really can add up the more people do it! Will you join the +ThermostatChallenge ?

5. If you are looking for some other neat things to do today, consider the “official” page for polar bears international




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