Poison in general mills cereal!

20170327_13395220170327_13394020170327_133910I thought at first a video posted on facebook concerning poison being added to  certain cereals was unreal. It was done by a father who read the list of ingredients on the box. He said the “Trisodium phosphate” is one that he uses as a contractor.

Surely, at first, I thought a big company like General mills would not put an item that when sold on it’s own has a label that if ingested call poison control??? Apparently they would and they do! Different companies have been doing so since the 1950’s.

This is cereals like cheerios and lucky charms and my previous favorite cinnamon toast crunch!

How can big companies think this is okay? Why do people still buy it?

I’m assuming it’s because most people have got use to companies putting all kinds of things in food as fillers that no one would notice. I’m happy the father posted that video and I’m happy to share the truth so others can know what exactly is in the food products they eat and serve their children. I know I will NOT buy those poison laced foods to give to my kids.

Its supposedly okay in small doses??? 

I know that many sites and the FDA point out that in extreme doses of TSP can cause stomach ruptures and other health concerns… but then they say the small doses added to food are okay.

I know many people who don’t just eat a single serving of cereal. I know many people that don’t even attempt to measure out a single serving / portion of food. In fact, even when I’m pouring out a bowl of cereal I generally have an idea on what a serving size is in the bowl, I may go a little over or under it. I’m not perfect.  So how much is really safe?

Its not just in this brands cereal!   I already need to be careful to avoid different foods because of my children allergies so I must read all labels before buying stuff.  General mills isn’t the only company that uses this toxin in food! I’ve found it in cheeses and countless other products.  So how much of this can someone unknowingly consume in a day? What foods have it? You can find out more about that on  The Ingredient Guru blog article “ Why Is Trisodium Phosphate (TSP) Added To Our Food?“.

Be safe!

For me? I’d rather not just keep eating it, because its considered “safe” in small doses. They also said smoking cigarettes was safe. They also said round up was safe and currently I’ve been seeing things on TV about the pending lawsuit against roundup for them allegedly knowing their product can cause cancer but they used money to buy people to keep the truth hidden.  For some people, money is more important than the health and safety of people of the world. I disagree. I wish the majority of the world focused on the collective health of everyone and not just making money at the health and expense of others.

As a mom, I will consider what I put in my bodies and my kids bodies and aim for healthy foods.



http://www.snopes.com/food/ingredient/tsp.asp * They claim the statement is false about it being added, but admit on the website its true.


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