playing dress up! when is a good age for barbie or my little pony sets?

So my little Abby keeps coping everything her big sister Livy does. I mean anything! I painted livys nails today, Abby gives me her hand! I didn’t paint her nails since she still puts them in her mouth but I did pretend to paint the nails.

They have played with their ponies a lot! I mean a lot today. Her new pony from her dad has really been a great thing. She’s been using the accessories so much today. I really think with how much fun she has been having with that and the playing dress up with her few Kelly ( barbie) dolls she might be getting ready for some actual barbie dolls and things.

I took a peek at some at the store and they say ages 3 years or 7 years and so on. So what is a good age for dolls like that?


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