Playing Ball! Great Easter Savings!

I had to get the girls another ball after Livy’s popped. I love Livy and Abby but they are still learning to share and its much easier to have a ball for each of them to kick around if they want to. So it was a nice day out and the girls and I went out to enjoy some sunshine.

Livy does great at kicking the ball to another and taking turns. Abigail though, when she gets the ball she runs off saying “mine!”. She is still one going on two in a few more months. 🙂

It was so much fun to sit back and kick the ball around as well as watch the girls play with each other.

I’m glad kmart had their Easter baskets on 75% off. I picked up a few for the toys from chalk, to barbies, and pompoms! Its been a lot of fun these past few days.

picture also used in a crowdtap discussion 🙂


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