free playhouse

The girls and I went on a nice walk today.  It was a bit longer than usual because I ran out of gas to cut the lawn so I had to go get some more.  On our way home Olivia got tired so I had her in the stroller and was letting Abigail walk beside me holding my hand.

The weather is just super nice out. What did I find sitting out on the curb for the trash???  A step two playhouse! I was like omg!  I checked it out its missing the knob on the door but is otherwise in great condition.  I call my husband to see if maybe he knows someone who can take it home for us.  Of course nope.  I ask  Livy if she wants it, shes like “YES”.  but I was like well I need you to walk so Abby can ride in the stroller so I can pull this home.

So I get the girls all situated and yes, I dragged it home.  I would do anything to make my girls happy.

My arms and back are sore. So I figured I deserved a bubble break while we watch tinkerbell and they get ready for their naps.

You ever find something awesome on the curb?!?!  Story shared @



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