play in the sand day!

August 11th is Play in the Sand Day!

Do you like building sand castles?  I would LOVE to be playing in some sand along any beach / coast right now. It just sounds so divine to be sun kissed by a lovely day. To be smelling the salty ocean water. To feel the cool water rolling over the feet as it moves with the currents. To be enjoying walking on all the warm sand. Maybe find a little odds and end trinkets peaking out from the sand from seashells to who knows perhaps a lucky coin! After all its easy to lose some spare change at the beach!

That won’t happen any time today though since I live on a mountain away from any ocean. Lucky for my family we have a nifty turtle sand box that was given to us by one of our amazing neighbors!

I will have to find some other ways to celebrate today! Need ideas too?

1. Enjoy some play sand inside a home sandbox if one can’t make it for a visit to a lake or the beach.

2. Enjoy playing in some sand at a local park.

3. Play with a little bottle of beach sand and wish I was at the beach!


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