Play Ball Day

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAugust 1st is Play Ball Day!

When was the last time you and/or your family played a game of ball? There are tons of different ball games to play from the famous football, baseball, down to croquet. The later my family does have a set for which we picked up at a thrift store but never got the chance to use before moving out of state! My husband did manage to sneak in our football into the car!

I’m glad he did since its been fun playing catch with our daughters. Last night my family enjoyed playing with our football. It might have a heart marker-ed onto it from when the girls and I were practicing numbers with balls. It might also be a tad bit deflated. But it sure is a lot of fun watching my daughters run around kicking it and trying to catch it!

Things to do to celebrate today:

1. Go outside and play some form of ball!  Some sports balls can be kind of costly when purchased new but they do regularly go on sale! You also can get kind of lucky when looking to buy one; one never knows what kind of surprises that can be found at a yard sale or thrift shop. My husband picked up our basket ball for 50 cents at the local habitat resell shop!

2. Make your own sports ball!  Not every country or family might have official balls to play with.  Creativity and resourcefulness can easily help remedy the situation!  Need an idea on how? check out this Daily Mail article about Bark, plastic bags and old rags: How the enterprising children of South Africa use whatever they can to make footballs .
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