Plastic Egg Fun

10264768_743030412397014_5477067412162637393_n10274268_743031655730223_6162751348155927645_nPlaying with plastic eggs can be so much fun!  After Olivia and Abigail got all their treats out of the eggs we had some fun playing with them. Today my daughters and I made a ton off egg chains.

We used them as halos, necklaces, and belts. We also made strands of eggs to decorate the walls and tables.  Nothing is needed except the eggs for these projects. They just connect and its done!

Another fun thing to do is play basketegg!!!

Its a fun table top game I started to do last year with my daughters. The uses for these eggs is endless! How do you like to use eggs?

Directions to make the bunny basket eggs hoop @ basketegg!!!




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