Planning a Schedule / Routine

14628046_1262447520455298_1705444763_n I’m rather flexible on what is done or isn’t done in a day. There are a lot of things I might plan or look to do, but end up skipping because the time just isn’t right for my girls. They are fussy, tired, or its a great or bad day for weather outside. So I do what I think is best and am not afraid to just do something completely different.

I also know a general routine is really important and its not a bad idea to be able to do some things at a set time. Less arguments in my opinion.

So I adapted this color coded time to help emphasize what can or should be done at that time roughly. Note roughly.. I tried to do this to make it work for both AM and PM!

This is round two of this clock adjusted when my oldest daughter started kindergarten.

Wake up is actually before 7; but that is the general time in which she is brushing her teeth and hair in the morning. At 7 pm it represents when all the kids should be showering, brushing teeth again, etc getting ready for next day (put clothes out) etc.

Orange / clean up and pick up times – I don’t want to be battling the kids every day to pick up. So this is my attempt to compromise.

In the morning I expect them to help me make beds (my oldest doesn’t before school); there is one at around 3 pm to pick up before I go to get my oldest daughter; one at 5 pm for a clean the floor before daddy gets home so hes not tripping on stuff, and a last toy call before bed so our dog doesn’t chew anything (hes a good boy, but he really loves stuffed animals!). Its nothing major. They can easily get it done in a few minutes.

For me the idea came from the buddhist temple cleaning practice of soji. Its easier to get things done in this time frame every day to help remove concern or thoughts about it.

Blue / Screen time –  Again this is just a rough idea. In the morning I usually allow my girls 1 cartoon to wake up to. if they are both home they each get to pick one. They can also watch one or play games on tablet during daddy’s lunch hour. At night we usually have some shows to watch as a family like Hell’s Kitchen, Big Bang Theory, NCIS…. They can also earn 30 minutes of wow time (instead of a cartoon) by being good, no toys on floor, homework done, reading done, etc.

Green / Be active – This is our dance and music time. This is our play outside in good weather time. This is whatever time…its not to say we don’t do this in other times but its just in general the most usual time we are. The weather is usually really nice at that time of the day. It works for my girls to have that time as a relax/do whatever to unwind after being at school.

White spot – is our reading, our coloring, our taking naps, baking, writing, whatever time. Its just as important to have time doing nothing but relaxing as it is to be doing something together. I let my girl set the pace and try to incorporate fun things that makes the day different.

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