I did get a pinchme freebie yesterday!

Yesterday I was out shopping during the time I thought the pinchme freebies were listed on the sweet website.  I did try to check the site on my husbands smart phone but it loaded so slow!

I didn’t see anything so I thought I missed it. Then later when we got home and I got everything put away I thought to check on the computer just in case.

I received an email after 3pm that some samples were available.  I check? They had a Clear Men’s Scalp & Hair Shampoo sample! I snagged it so my husband can try it.

He’s been a loyal customer to one particular brand and type for all the years I have known him. He won’t buy anything else except that one brand. He did say he would try this.  So it will be neat to see how he thinks it compares. I also  have a free sample for women coming too.



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