Pinchme Tuesday!

I had totally forgot about today being a Pinchme Tuesday when I was writing up my three good things for the day. I am glad they send out emails when new samples arrive because otherwise, I would totally have missed out!!!

I checked my email within the half hour of receiving that email and a few products were already out of stock. 🙁 But I won’t complain since I really scored some great items to try out. I am already totally in love with the Sinful nail colors. They had a free sample for an orange colored one called Tangerine. Olivia has been asking for orange nails and I checked the local stores for sinful in a shade of her choice but they didn’t have any! So I know both my oldest daughter and I will really have fun testing that product out.

I can’t wait til we get our box!!!

Thanks Pinchme and brands!



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