Picnic outdoors!


I swear the more active I am outside the better I feel and the less I eat, but the hungrier I get. I know that doesn’t make much sense. But I mean overall, I will eat a lot less and better proportions when being active. However, the idea of skipping a meal because I’m to busy to make something doesn’t work. Because I do get hungry (I know its because I didn’t eat a lot so it won’t last a lot). But today has been a great day for eating, minus my splurge on a cake.

94014_300The girls and I had a cold breakfast. I didn’t feel like really making a bunch of stuff and we had a few boxes of cereal we hadn’t even opened yet. So the girls and I ate some chocolate lucky charms. I should say Abby ate my marshmallows, I had chocolate cereal, and Livy had the chocolate lucky charms! Lunch I made some mac n cheese and we had a +Picnic +outside. We had some +STRAWBERRIES and +Grapes for sides.

I had really good control on not eating more than a single serving slice of the cake. 🙂

Dinner I grilled some hot dogs and cut up a +watermelon.

The girls still had their snacks and other things throughout the day.

I really had a nice lunch outdoors with my girls today! I love days like these where its just quiet family time relaxing together on a great weather day.


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