Photo Cards

I browsed some possible photo cards for my camera so I can go back to taking pictures again. There are just so many neat things I’d love to share in my journal posts. Not to mention I have that House Party coming up that I need to share pictures of!

I checked on Amazon and they had a few deals. One was on sale for like 33% off then the one double the size was on sale like 66% off. So for a few dollars more it was double the size! I had my husband check to make sure it was what I needed for my camera and he said it was.

So he placed the order for a SanDisk 16 GB Class 4 SDHC Flash Memory Card! I can take loads of pictures on it but I will be sure not to try and upload it on my computer. My photo card slot is broken and that’s where my two photo cards went. I might just swap laptops with him 🙂 .



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