Pay attention parents! Get off the damn phone!

It’s 11:43 pm and all my kids are in bed. We had a fun busy day but my thoughts are on a sad experience from our day at the park this past weekend.

I had a blast overall but feel so bad for a little girl that was there to have fun. She was brought to tears over the actions of a horrible stranger and her own moms ignorance (she was glued to her phone).

The girl was two or three. I’d put my money on two though. She was initially playing really good in my opinion sitting on a towel that was spread out with a collection of toys.

I thought nothing more of it and found a spot in the shade to keep Delilah out of the Sun. My girls all played nice and I watched. That little girl came over to talk and invited anyone that talked to her to sit and play with the toys. My girls will play with anyone! This went on for over 30 minutes.

Then a lady came over and started yelling at the little girl for getting into things that were apparently not hers.

She also accused kids of stealing stuff when she had no idea what her kids even brought to the park!

Normally, I really do not get involved in how or what a parent does with their child (except in clear case of abuse!). I couldn’t sit and watch that little girl cry for her mommy.  I… Went and told the mom she might want to pay attention to what’s being said to her little girl cause as a mom I’d be furious if someone talked to any of my kids that way.

So I go back to my kids (husband was watching them) and the mom of the toys got confrontational with me.

She said she has a right to teach that child about responsibility and respect.

How responsible was she and her children to just leave something “so valuable” out and about in a public park for so long? I’d like to have faith in humanity but if it’s important and I’m ready to move to the next play zone I pack up our stuff and go with it! Taking care of personally items is being responsible!

How does a two year old really distinguish between all the glitz and glam of park toys and accessories and what is personal property when its just laying there on the ground, open?

I called her lazy and irresponsible and turned around to go back to taking care of my family. I’m at the park to be with them afterall!

She continued to rant and rave to her children that were clearly of an age to know how to be responsible with their own toys and apparently don’t need a lesson on responsibility but the two year old does?

It was just So ridiculous. I can’t imagine ever being that kind of a mom that I’d be okay yelling at and making a random two year old girl cry at a park.

She should have taken up her grievances with the kids mom and not the young child!

My kids bring toys all the time to share with other kids. So what?

If anything as that mom I’d be happy that the toys would have served as a good distraction for that little girl . It kept her from being in the creek where she could have drown as her mom was clearly not paying attention or didn’t care to be aware or stop her kid from getting in personal items of someone else and/or getting yelled at. The creek was within five feet of where I was sitting.

I get that it’s hard to pay attention to more than one kid. I got three.  I spent my time watching my oldest two play and playing referee with Delilah to stop her from all the rocks, twigs, and leaves she desperately wanted to eat every 10 seconds!

I used my husbands phone to snap a few pictures when he was there to watch the girls too.

I just can’t imagine sitting there and playing on my phone oblivious to my kids and their interactions with strangers.

Maybe I’m to much of a helicopter parent? I’m fine with that. I want to keep my kids being safe while they have fun and be kids.

I just wish more people put down their phones and spend time with their kids.

Whatever it is…it can wait.



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