Part of my dinner is from a neighbors generosity!

ef926e05b7657c6f2ce923d98ea62570Part of my dinner tonight is from a neighbors generosity! They are big time farmers and do so many different crops. The other day they brought over two giant bags of greens. He shared an idea on how his wife usually makes them. My husband looked up a recipe and made them.

My husband boiled them and then seasoned them a bit in oil. They came out delicious! Abigail only sampled a little bit. Olivia refused to try it until we promised to buy her a new toy next payday. She tasted a little bit and did a lemon sour face.

I am not entirely sure what vegetable it was, but I really do look forward to eating the next bag. I will just add a touch more garlic to taste.

Its real wonderful to have lovely people as neighbors. I think the world would be much better if people made more effort to look after and share among those close  by and afar.



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