Paperdoll kit!

This was a really good purchase for what I paid for it! It was an item I had picked up on clearance at one of the craft stores for around 2 bucks.

The kit was really nice for the included supplies: paper, patterns, stickers, glue stick, markers, scissors, etc. Like literally everything needed to complete the project was inside. I did being out extras so more than one person could work on It at a time.

The paper stencils lasted for a few hours worth of kids using on new years eve. since then they are not really holding up. They have worn through and are unusable now. 🙁 it would have been cooler if they were made of plastic so it really could have been used for more than a few days.

My girls really loved making outfits and accessorizing the dolls. They made figures for everyone in the family and friends and so on.

Overall, it wasn’t a bad buy. If anything it really has me wondering what were the paper doll kits my grandmother talked about using as a kid were like. How did they make them last? Did they really last?


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