Pampers Swaddlers Sampling

ca5b05796a1f99dce0f119f0e108ea78I am pretty excited to trying some pampers! I was selected to be a part of a Pampers Swaddlers Sampling thing. I will be receiving one coupon for me to use and another to share.

I know of a few people with kids in the diaper stages and some moving up to be in the pull ups/learning to be potty trained stage! But who should I give the coupon to when I receive it?

I know one mom who just welcomed another baby girl about two weeks ago. I also know another mom expecting a little one.  So both could really use it that’s for sure. I guess the coupons expiration date just might help me decide where it goes to. If not, I guess it might be flipping a coin or whoever I see first.

Thanks in advance Pampers and Crowdtap!

I look forward to seeing how pampers compares to my current store brand diapers!



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