Painting rainbow trees!

I ended up cutting the green table cloth I used for the party’s photo booth backdrop in half. That way, if I want to reuse the other half and make it into another prop I can. But I gone ahead and let the girls paint on the part that I wrote “Hello pullups, goodbye diaper’ because they did marker the bottom.

They really enjoyed the change of pace from coloring hearts and paper. We made a number of trees with all sorts of colored leaves. Abigail chose purple for our grass and Livy selected green for clouds.  It doesn’t hurt to use imagination to make a new world.

The girls really got into it and when Livy and Abby were done they immediately got a bubble bath.  Then some snuggle time under blankets until they warmed up.

Making a Photo Booth backdrop for under 2 dollars:

party Photo “Booth”


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