Painting our Hand and Foot Score Card!

Its been a lot of fun playing hand and foot at the house! Though I keep getting teased because I’m constantly asking how many points do we need, to be able to start playing for that round. I know it, well I should really know it! Yet I ask almost every time and its horrible because I ask and then end up asking again on my next turn!

So the girls wanted to paint and I decided why not paint this out? That way when other people come over that never played the game before will have all the basic information available and my husband doesn’t have to write out all the numbers every time.

The yellow hand print is Abigail’s hand. The orange footprint is Olivia’s tootsie.

The sore needed to get on the board is on the left. Then in the middle/right are all the cards and their point values.  🙂

It was fun to do. It of course started the girls back to painting on their hands and feet so they needed showers when they were tired of painting themselves and paper.

How to play hand and foot card game *rules and directions*


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