This is first Rock in my Fruits of the Spirit Kindness Rock Collection. I hid these the same day at one of the specialist doctors office / emergency care network location in my area. We had to do an after hours visit for one of my kids and it only seemed fitting to hide this
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Hearts Kindness Rock Collection

I am playing catch up on some past kindness rocks that have already been painted and hid around town by my daughters and I. These are a few of the different heart ones we did.                           This was one of my first attempts
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Christ in the Heart

This Kindness rock was painted with Jesus on my mind. I started with a little heart and added a small cross inside of it to kind of represent the need to have faith/ good will inside the heart. Happy 3 Kings Day to those that celebrate today!

Flowers Kindness Rock

This one made me think of Jesus and Easter. It was the perfect shape of an egg so I decorated it as such! Can you tell I’m eagerly waiting Spring? I can’t wait!

Bear Face

My daughter Olivia made this adorable Kindness Rock! I can’t believe today is her 7th Birthday!!!