Our Snowmen!

The other day the girls and I enjoyed coloring some holiday things. We colored on some paper and the partial card board box that was filler to help stand up/show off all the craft items inside the craft storage box I purchased on Friday.  I am by no means an artist when it comes to drawling but I thought I could do some circles to make snowmen.

I mean how hard is that? Apparently super hard since a lot of the ones I drew looked like some rather perverted objects when I tried to spice up the hats I was adding to them,

Nevertheless, I am glad my girls had fun coloring! Olivia kept coloring each section a different color to have “Rainbow Dash’s Snowmen” and Abigail wanted a ton of “baby snowmen” which of course she got.

I will use my sisters idea to find some circle objects to trace and make snowmen since hopefully they won’t look like some of mine did. I’d share pictures but I’m afraid the post would be flagged for perverted drawling! I swear I was trying to make snowmen!



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