Our My Little Pony Family

I have to start this out with a thanks to a fellow bubble user &MindCandie who shared a neat link to a my little pony generator program to make custom my little ponies. Its a free program called General Zoi Pony Creator . This pony creater lets the user literally make their own pony. They can pick and chose the height, weight, wings/horns if wanted, colors, and so on! If they want to they can even add their own cutie marks!

My daughters and I had some fun making our ponies. Olivia made the first one which turned out to be a pink and purple pony similar to pinkiepie. Abigail made the next pony that was like a purple and blue flutter pony. I made one with wings and Olivia made her daddy a Cleveland Browns themed mustang pony. Then Olivia saw they had a rainbow mane and tail so she had to remake her pony.

After which she made a yellow pony for her funshine carebear.

I compiled them all into one picture which is now my computers background image.

It definitely is a fun program to use to learn about colors! I wonder if there is a similar program for care bears? I never thought something like this would even exist!


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