Our hand and foot table!

I love how creative and skilled my husband is at building things. My sister, her husband, my husband, and I played hand and foot the other day. We all sat on the floor since my husband and I didn’t bring any furniture down with us when we moved down here. Its all in storage.

My husband played on my sisters team and I played on her husbands team that way it was fair since they never played the game before. By the 4th round her husband and I were like 6,000 points ahead of them. My husband didn’t even count the final round. It was super fun and now they know how to play the game!

So my husband wanted to build a table for us to use. So he made out out of some shelves from a book case and an old dresser. He also made us a huge bench seat out of the bookcase frame and an extra door. That with my papason chair we have a good amount of seating. Just need one more chair which my sister can supply

I just love how talented he is at fixing things.

How to play hand and foot card game *rules and directions*


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