Our Garden has started this year!

Yesterday I was so happy about seeing some Daffodils (I thought they were lilies at first) in the yard where I use to have a garden.  I don’t know if they are left overs from the previous garden or if a seed had been dropped there by the wind. However they got there, it was exciting. Like God had just given me a little sign of inspiration!

I’ve been working on the fairy garden with my kids. Researching how to garden and grow vegetables for a local community garden and to eventually start my own in our yard. Then out of nowhere, one of our most amazing neighbors (whose been helping on when to plant things or not) asked if I wanted him to til a spot in the yard for our garden!

Yes! oh yes! He did! he did an awesome spot in the back and it does need some more work. Since I live on a mountain there is a lot of slate stones that need to be moved before he goes over it again. Then the kids and I can start our garden in a few weeks (when the cold is suppose to be over!).  I’m so thankful!


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